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croquet techniquesYou can find three (3) options:

1. Point Limit – the overall game will be played to a number that is pre-determined of. Forty (40) points is a recommended amount. The contestant that is first achieve (or exceed) that amount is the champion.

2. Shoe Limit – The game will be played to a pre-determined equal amount of shoes. Forty (40) or fifty (50) footwear is really a recommended amount. Whenever that quantity is reached, the contestant with all the score that is highest is the champion.

3. Point Limit or Shoe Limit – For example, forty (40) points or fifty (50) shoes, whichever comes first . If the shoe limit is reached before the point limit, the contestant utilizing the score that is highest is the champion .

Section B – Breaking of Tie Games (See also Rule 11, Section B)

There are two (2) choices:

1. Game Remains Tied – Each contestant might receive ½ win and ½ loss. (this method can be used in case a handicap system is in effect).

2. extra Innings – a tiebreaker that is two-inning be played, using the exact same method of play that was utilized to begin the game. This same procedure shall be continued until the tie is broken in the event of another tie. Note: In «Point Limit or Shoe Limit» games (see A-3, above), the contestant whom may achieve (or meet or exceed) the idea limit first is the champion, during the completion of any extra inning .


Section A – Broken Shoes

1. Upon Delivery – in case a footwear breaks into a couple of pieces as a results of striking the stake, striking another footwear within the pit, or from landing to the pit substance, the pieces shall be removed and an alternative shoe shall be pitched in its spot. If the footwear breaks whenever striking the backboard or other «foul» territory, it shall be considered a foul shoe and might not be re-pitched.

2. After Delivery – if your shoe has landed in the pit and becomes broken by having another footwear land as it appears to lie on it, it shall be scored. A judge shall be called if there is any disagreement. The judge shall determine the scoring either for the inning or purchase an upgraded shoe to be re-pitched.

Area B – Cracked Shoes

As it lies if it is discovered that a shoe is cracked (but not completely broken into two or more pieces), it shall be scored. If there is any disagreement, a judge shall be called. The judge shall determine the scoring either for the inning or order an upgraded footwear to be re-pitched. In any event, a cracked shoe must certanly be changed ahead of the game can continue.

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(a) A contestant observing the thirty–seven-foot (37’) foul line may turn straight behind the platform supplied they move they release the shoe within it when.

(b) A physically challenged contestant requiring support of special equipment, such as a wheelchair, must have at the least some connection with the platform and become completely behind the twenty-seven-foot (27’) foul line as soon as the shoe is released.

3. time period limit – A contestant shall deliver both shoes within thirty (30) moments. This time around limitation will probably be decided by a judge and can begin if the contestant actions onto the pitching platform with all the intention of pitching and it is in a «set» position for the pitch that is first.


(a) more time will likely to be permitted to repair a damaged shoe (filing a burr for instance).

(b) If a contestant becomes distracted as a result of unusual playing conditions or by another contestant or spectator, they’ll not be penalized because of this time that is additional.

4. Accidental launch – Any shoe that will leave a contestant’s hand after the final action (if taken) and last forward swing regarding the delivery process has begun, shall count as a shoe that is pitched. A footwear that is unintentionally dropped with a contestant prior to the last action (if taken) and last forward move has begun, shall never be considered a foul shoe that can be picked up and pitched.

Section D – Position of Contestants During Distribution

When not pitching, any contestant shall stand quietly and fixed, at the least two (2) foot behind their opponent, on the court’s opposite pitching platform, or behind any pitcher for an adjacent platform .

Section E – Crossing Over

If both contestants make use of the same pitching platform to deliver their footwear, the contestant pitching first should cross (at the pit) to another platform then go back into the career described in Section D, above. Since the first contestant is crossing over in front, the 2nd contestant is crossing over and onto the exact same platform, from the rear. In the event that participants utilize opposite platforms, the contestant who pitches first should step directly back into the position described in area

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