Dark Fantasy Art — How to Build Layers of Feeling in Your Art

Dark fantasy art, a sub genre of fantasy art is becoming more popular in all its forms. There are many amazing artists out there. Their artwork is out of this world. How do they do it? They love their work, they are great artists and they study their subject in all its forms. Yet there is something else that is important to all art and that is visualisation. They need to be able to see their work before they start.

There are many techniques used to aid them. Some use sketches, some bring in real animal bones to work from. Others use models and either make up landscapes or recreate them from pictures from around the world. Whilst models are expensive and not always easy to come by for tranh son mai mung tho ong ba non professionals, unless of course you can get your friends to pose, there are alternatives. There are many software applications and tutorials that give you basic models that you can work from or even to create your whole art work from.

When creating your work you need to think of how your viewer will feel when it is complete. Here is a sentence of a dark fantasy art scene. Fog drifts through nights darkness, its damp touch moistens the rumpled stone graves as it passes. All is silent except for the occasional rustle of dead leaves. Fingers rise, clutch the tombs edge. The sound of stone sliding followed by the rank smell of death. If you notice this short paragraph has all but one of the senses included in it, touch, smell, sight and sound.

If you can recreate those senses in your art it will come alive. Put enough emotion into the picture and people will fill in the blanks for themselves. They will feel the stillness of the graveyard, hear the sliding of the coffin lid and be transported into the world that you have created for them. If you can create a great dark fantasy art picture with emotion you will have your viewer hooked. Remember to allow layers of light and dark to unfold in your work creating this illusion.

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